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Pivoting Cast

Pivoting is an American comedy television series. Pivoting premiered on Fox on 9th January 2022.

Main Cast

Eliza Coupe as Amy

Eliza Kate Coupe is an American actress, comedian and model.

Age40 years
Height1.67 m
SpouseDarin Olien (2014 – 2018), Randall Whittinghill (2007 – 2013)

Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie

Jennifer Michelle “Ginnifer” Goodwin is an American actress.

Age43 years
Height1.68 m
SpouseJosh Dallas

Maggie Q as Sarah

Margaret Denise Quigley, professionally known as Maggie Q, is an American actress and model.

Age42 years
Height1.68 m

Tommy Dewey as Henry

Tommy Dewey is an American actor, producer, and writer.

Age43 years
Height1.8 m

JT Neal as Matt

JT Neal is an actor, writer, and producer.

Age28 years
Height1.83 m

Marcello Reyes as Luke

Marcello Reyes is a television and film star.

Age7 – 8 years

Other Cast

Connie Jackson as Gloria

Olivia DeLaurentis as Donna

Kara Duncan as Tanzy

Frankie Corzo as Diana

Fizaa Dosani as Seema

Michael Canetty as Lawrence

Meghan Cantú as Emily

Audrey Gerthoffer as Andrea

Birdie Borria as Nora



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