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Who Is The Killer In The Chestnut Man

Simon Genz (Toke) portrayed by David Dencik is the killer in The Chestnut Man.

Toke changed his name to Simon Genz. Toke was the one who kidnapped Kristine Hartung. Also, Simon, the head of Forensic department killed all women and made anonymous complains about the women’s before murdering them. Because of Simon, Thulin and Hess failed in their plan to catch The Chestnut Man.

Karl David Sebastian Dencik is a Swedish-Danish actor. David was born on 31 October 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. David is 46 years old. David is married to Sofie Dencik and the couple has a child Daniel Dencik.

Reason behind Simon becoming The Chestnut Man

Simon and his twin sister was adopted by Rosa Hartung’s foster parents, but in childhood, Rosa lied that Toke (Simon) had done something wrong with her, because of which Rosa’s foster parents abandoned Toke and his twin sister. Toke had a troubled and terrible life ahead and growing up, Toke (Simon) made up his mind to take revenge from Rosa



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