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Juanpis Gonzalez Netflix Cast

The most spoiled and unpunished rich kid in the country has to overcome a difficult test imposed by his grandfather to inherit the family fortune, through which he finds what he believes is his vocation: To make politics… but in his (not always lawful) way. Juanpis is a series inspired by Alejandro Riaño’s flamboyant and controversial social media character.

Main Cast

Alejandro Riaño as Juan Pablo Gonzalez Juanpis

Age36 years
SpouseMaría Alejandra Manotas

Carolina Gaitan as Camila

Age37 years
SpouseNicolás Moreno

Julian Caicedo as Ivancito


Jairo Camargo as Abuelo Pombo

Age67 years

Santiago Moure as Pepe Robayo

Age53 years

Juan Fernando Sánchez as Martin

Age43 years
PartnerNatalia Jerez

Marcela Benjumea as Martuchis

Age50 years

Other Cast

Marcela Agudelo

Andrés Juan Hernández

Luna Baxter

Patrick Forster-Delmas

Paula Estrada

Variel Sanchez as Cadabrindis

Edwin Muñoz

Juan Pablo Raba as Juan Pablo Raba

Esperanza Gómez

Roberto Cano

Abelardo de la Espriella



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