Jaguar Netflix How Many Episodes

Jaguar Season 1 has total 6 episodes.

Episode 1: Haus

Duration: 42 minutes

A woman who survived a concentration camp as a girl seeks murderous revenge on Nazis, but those who have been watching her have other plans.

Episode 2: The Hotel

Duration: 51 minutes

Isabel and Lucena must cozy up to Otto and his wife Ilse as the team works to put their plan in motion ahead of Heim’s arrival.

Episode 3: The Gran Club

Duration: 52 minutes

Just as Lucena seems to gain Bachmann’s trust, the situation takes a challenging and dangerous turn. Marsé opens up to Isabel about his past.

Episode 4: Almería

Duration: 37 minutes

The crew travels to Almería in an attempt to track down Otto and Ilse so that they can capture Heim. Castro reveals a personal secret.

Episode 5: The Hospital

Duration: 49 minutes

With the military closing in, the agents put their lives at risk to get Heim out of the hospital, and one of them makes a stunning confession.

Episode 6: The Mill

Duration: 42 minutes

While Isabel holds Heim captive, he antagonizes her with stories of torture he inflicted. She reflects on recent memories she made with her new friends.

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