Free Guy Qbert Character | Jacksepticeye as Qbert in Free Guy

Free Guy is an upcoming American comedy action science fiction movie which is initially scheduled to release on 11 August 2021 in Netherland. Free Guy will release in theatres on 13 August 2021. Previously, Free Guy was all set to release in July 2020 which was later decided to release in August 2021 due to COVID – 19 Pandemic.

Jacksepticeye as Q*bert in Free Guy

Guy, a bank teller realises that he is character of a video game which will soon go offline.

Jacksepticeye as Q*bert

Jacksepticeye plays the role of fictional character Q*bert in the movie Free Guy.

Jacksepticeye is a youtuber and comdian. Jacksepticeye is best known for his vlogs. Jacksepticeye youtube channel (jacksepticeye) has 27.2 million subscribers.

Seán William McLoughlin well known as Seán William McLoughlin was born on 7 February 1990 in Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland. Jacksepticeye is 31 years old. Jacksepticeye has 4 siblings. Jacksepticeye parents are John and Florrie McLoughlin.

Jacksepticeye Wife

Jacksepticeye and Evelien Smolders are partners since 2019.

Evelien Smolders was born on 11 September 1988. Evelien is 32 years old. Evelien is well known as Gab Smolders. Her Instagram username is gabsmolders.

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