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Clydach Murders Documentary | Clydach Murders Documentary Netflix

Where to watch Clydach Murders Documentary?

Click on the link given below to watch Clydach Murders Documentary. The documentary is available to stream for users living in UK region only.

BBC Wales Investigates

The Cyldach Murders: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Clydach Murders Documentary Trailer

Clydach Murders Documentary Trailer (Part 2)

David Morris

David Morris died in Prison on 20 August 2021. He was 59. He was in prison on charges of killing three generations of a family (Mandy Power, Her daughters Katie and Emily and Doris Dawson) in the Swansea Valley Village in 1999. David Morris spent 22 years in Jail for killing three generations of the same family in June 1999.

You may also like to read about the story of Alex, who was abused by his girlfriend Jordan, who in 2018 became the first female in UK to be convicted of of coercive and controlling behavior. Abused By My Girlfriend

Mandy Power with her daughters Katie and Emily

Mandy Power’s body was sexually assaulted. During the trial of David Morris in 2006, it was found that he had sexual relationship with Mandy Power. David murdered the three generations of one family as he was high on drugs and alcohol.

Doris Dawson

Mrs Dawson was killed while she was laying in her bed. The body of Doris Dawson was found in her bed.

Book on The Clydach Murders



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