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Wally Dunn played the role of Ed Gleed, husband of Dawn Gleed. Ed killed Nick and it was Dawn who opened accounts on dating sites using Nick’s photos. Nick is innocent, a gentle, kind man, a Husband, a Father, a Son and a Brother, but not a Liar, not a Women Abuser, not a Rapist.

Clickbait Netflix Review

Wally Dunn as Ed Gleen

Ed Gleed is seen in the last scene of Episode 7 and why he murdered Nick, is shown in the last episode, Episode 8 (The Answer).

Age61 years

Becca Lish as Dawn Gleen

Age61 years

Clickbait Netflix Cast

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Who is Ed in Clickbait?

Wally Dunn played the role of Ed Gleen in Clickbait. It was Ed who killed Nick and it was Ed’s wife Dawn Gleed (becca Lish) who impersonanted herself as Nick and destroyed so many lives, as well as it was Dawn only to be held responsible for the death of Nick.

Who Killed Nick?

Ed Gleen (Wally Dunn) killed Nick. Nick, when came to know that Dawn has used his identity to catfish other women, which took one women’s (Sarah) life, Nick went to Dawn’s house and asked her to confess what she has done to the police. Meanwhile, Dawn’s husband Ed attacks Nick with a hammer on his head, which takes Nick’s life.



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